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   "Call to schedule your in-home massage because pain should not be a part of your way of life"

David Peter Armentano

 L. M. T.,   M. T. I.,   C. E. U.

MT111247; MI3170; CE1858



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David Peter Armentano, L. M. T., M. M. P.


A massage should not be intimidating.  Your comfort is my primary concern and is crucial to you receiving the most benefit from your session.


I service in-home and use only conservative draping methods.  This means the only part of your body ever exposed is the part being treated at that moment.


I offer several different massage techniques.   We will determine together your needs and use whatever is needed to achieve your goals.



Types of massage offered


Therapeutic massage -- the most popular type massage.  It is designed to alleviate the client's particular aches and pains.  It relieves stress and allows your muscles to relax so they can heal naturally.  This massage may be tailored based upon doctor's orders.


Swedish massage (relaxation massage)  –-  used for general relaxation.  Uses various techniques to relax and stretch the muscles, as well as increase blood flow and oxygen to them.


Swedish Gymnastics -- used with Swedish massage to passively stretch muscles and increase range of motion in joints.


Deep Tissue Massage –- one of the most commonly misunderstood terms of massage.  Deep tissue does not refer to the amount of pressure applied, but rather the depth of the muscles being treated.  Deep tissue does not have to hurt or leave bruising.  Bruising is tissue damage.  You do not have to damage superficial tissue to reach deep muscles.


Sports Massage --  a combination of Swedish massage, gymnastics, and deep tissue used to treat the specific needs of athletes.  Can be pre-event, during, or post event.  Helps athletes maintain peak muscle performance, lessens chance of injury, and gives quicker recovery time when injuries do occur.


Medical/Orthopedic Massage -- Throughout life, injuries occur and Orthopedic Massage can aid in the recovery process through specific techniques that can include: Electro-Acu-point Stimulation, Massage Cupping and stretching as well as many other techniques. Medical/Orthopedic Massage requires a prescription for treatment.


Chair Massage -- In this wonderful type of massage you are seated in a very comfortable chair specially designed for use with massage and your head, neck, shoulders, back and arms are massaged to release tension and stress. This service can be arranged for events at your office or a special event. Costs vary based on distance to travel and amount of time requested.


Pre/Post Natal Massage -- One of the most stressful and wonderful experiences in a woman's life is pregnancy.  In this type of massage the expectant mother receives a very gentle and relaxing massage that allows her body to adjust more readily to the ever changing stresses of pregnancy.


Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine Headaches -- Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine Headaches or the “Migraine Miracle” is a patented treatment created by Kelly Lott L. M. T. that David has been trained and certified to administer.  It involves the use of cold marble placed on the head and face in a specific fashion resulting in the relief of a variety of headaches that range from migraines to allergy sinus headaches.


Lymphatic Drainage -- A light, relaxing massage technique that is designed to aid the body in detoxification and improve the immune response by moving the lymphatic fluid through its circulation pathways.   It has many uses and benefits.  Please see our Lymphatic Drainage page to learn more.


Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) -- An ancient style of massage created in China over three thousand years ago.  It uses acupressure, channel therapy (stimulating the acupuncture channels by tracing or dredging them), and over a thousand hand techniques.



Equine/Canine Massage


You love your animal friend and they, like us, suffer injuries and pain in their muscles and, as a medical massage therapist I seek to help your friend attain the best possible health that I can by applying the same care I do to all of my clients.  I come to your home or barn to treat your animal friend and as a benefit I am available to work on you at a discounted rate.  Note- Canines are required to be restrained or muzzled to prevent injury to the therapist because when an animal friend hurts they can react in unintentional ways.




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