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   "Call to schedule your in-home massage because pain should not be a part of your way of life"

David Peter Armentano

 L. M. T.,   M. T. I.,   C. E. U.

MT111247; MI3170; CE1858



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"I came in for a treatment very short notice as in, I called and 15 minutes later I was in for a treatment.  My migraine was bad and I was only barely able to drive up for the treatment.  David did the Migraine Miracle treatment on me and my pain went from a 7 to a 0.  I feel so much better it isnít even funny."  (Lisa, Ft. Worth, Texas)

"I have had severe back and leg pain for years.  David's medical massage has alleviated much of that pain."  (Name on file, but withheld by request)



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